Aluminum Fencing

nice aluminum fence

An aluminum fence, as the name clearly suggests, is simply a fence that is constructed out of aluminum (or at least primarily out of aluminum).

Aluminum is often favored as a fencing material because it has very low density, which means that it has greater ability to resist corrosion and rust from moisture and humidity in contrast to other metals. On top of that, it’s very durable and lightweight.

Today, aluminum is one of the most popular materials used for fences, and some homeowners associations will even require it.

What Makes Aluminum Fences Appealing?

As far as fences are concerned, aluminum is often used for both residential homes and commercial properties. It’s also available in a wide variety of styles, and as with vinyl it requires very little maintenance.

In addition, aluminum is often much more cost effective in contrast to other metal and vinyl fences such as steel or iron. The fact that it offers corrosion resistance, durability, and longevity on a budget is what makes it such an appealing fencing material option for many people.

Rackable Fence Panels

Something else that is notable about aluminum fences is the fact that they often have rackable fence panels. It depends on the fence, but these fence panels are designed to rack anywhere from six to eight feet. The specific amount that the fence will be able to rack is almost fully determined by the size of the hole on the rails to hold pickets.

Aluminum fences can also be adjusted to the slope of your land. This means that if you have hills or slopes, the fences can run alongside the same degree of the slope, even if the slope is particularly steep.

Appearance of Aluminum Fences

Furthermore, the appearance of aluminum fences can very greatly as well. The colors of the aluminum fence will be determined by the powder coating, and we have multiple different color options where at Fayetteville Pro Fence for you to choose from. The coating will be applied via a quality electrostatics process. We will then use heat to cure it, and the result will not only be that the fencing is now the color of your choice, but also that it will have a very smooth texture.

Furthermore, this coating will also be very durable and help your aluminum fencing to better resist water and corrosion, on top of the fact that aluminum is already very corrosive resistant. This is because the powder coating will stick to the aluminum far better than paint, and furthermore, it will be more adept at resisting extreme temperatures. This is why many companies who sell powder coatings for aluminum fencing will do with either a lifetime or a very long warranty.

Grades of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is offered in both heavy weight industrial and lightweight grades. Heavyweight grades will obviously be more expensive to install than the lighter grade ones.