Privacy Fencing

a drill, screw and a fence

There are many reasons to own a fence, and one of the biggest reasons people have for owning one is for privacy and security reasons. Especially if you live in a neighborhood, desiring a little privacy is perfectly normally, and we here at Fayetteville Pro Fence understand this perfectly.

There are also many different types of fences, but not all are suitable for privacy. For example, a chain link fence is obviously going to do a rather abysmal job of keeping you shielded or your property private from your neighbors.

With that in mind, we are going to quickly run through the primary options that you have for a privacy fence. Here they are:

Wooden Fences

Wood is quite possibly the single most popular material used for fencing in the United States, and it has been for many, many years. It’s also a very perfectly viable option for privacy as well, because it’s tall enough to give you the privacy you need while also not having any holes in the design that would enable people to see through.

At the same time, wooden fences often give a very welcoming feeling towards people as well, so it won’t give off a bad vibe like building cement around your home would, for instance.

PVC Fencing

PVC fencing is, without question, the single most cheap option for building a fence in America today. Now don’t get us wrong, PVC fences certainly lack the durability of some of the other options, but they will also no doubt get the job done. And when it comes to privacy and keeping your windows shielded from anyone viewing from outside, PVC will work just as good as wood or vinyl.

PVC stakes will usually be attached to the cross bars with adhesives, but for added durability they can be fastened with screws as well. They are also available in a wide variety of different colors, heights, sizes, shapes, and so on. Needless to say, if you don’t want anyone from the streets or the surrounding homes peering through your fences, PVC will be a viable choice for you.

Vinyl Fencing

An even better, but also more expensive, option than PVC fencing will be vinyl fencing. While wood may still be the single most popular material choice for fences today, vinyl is catching up fast. It’s easy to see why: it’s durable, pest resistant, environmentally friendly, long lasting, and requires very minimal upkeep.

And when it comes to privacy, vinyl is definitely a great choice as well because the entire fence will be completely closed off with any holes or openings or anything like that. While vinyl may have a higher cost to install up cost, you also have to consider its longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs. Overall, it will be a great option if you value privacy along with high quality.