Vinyl Fencing

white vinyl fence

One of the more increasingly popular options for fencing around residential homes is the vinyl fence. There are many reasons for this, and on top of that, there are very, very few cons to using vinyl fencing to begin with.

Basically, vinyl is built out of chlorine and ethylene. These two elements, when combined, form the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin, which is well known for its intrinsic durability.

Vinyl fencing not only can really add to the look of your home or property, it also offers these benefits as well:

It’s Long Lasting

It is not at all unreasonable to expect your vinyl fencing to last you for two or three full decades, assuming that it has been properly cared for. Most vinyl fencing companies also offer lifelong warranties, because PVC is a material that is built to last over the long term. This doesn’t mean that vinyl fencing is completely maintenance free, but there is no denying that it requires a lot less maintenance and care in contrast to other fencing materials.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Vinyl fencing is also very environmentally friendly, even though it is technically a man made material. Vinyl is actually made out of natural sources, with little fossil fuels used in the product of it. Ethylene is also found in natural gas, while chlorine is found in salt. PVC is a recyclable material, and as a whole your carbon footprint will be less if you use vinyl fencing over other options.

On top of that, vinyl and privacy fencing is also non-toxic. Unlike several other kinds of plastics, it is not treated with chemicals that are hazardous. Vinyl is also recyclable, and is coated in chemicals that will ensure it is protected from the surrounding environment.

It’s Pest Resistant

Wooden fencing is beautiful, but it’s also incredibly. vulnerable to pests. This is not an issue that exists with vinyl fencing, which is incredibly impervious to pests. Insects and rodents alike will not be able to scratch or chew their way through vinyl fencing, which is another reason why it is a long lasting option.

It’s Suitable For Any Client

Wooden and iron fences alike are simply not designed to last in any climate, but vinyl fences can. It doesn’t matter whether you live near the ocean, in a place that rains often, or in a place that receives heavy snowfall. Even if you lie in a very dry and hot area with burning hot son throughout the year, vinyl fencing will not be susceptible to the bland discoloring that can affected wooden fences.

All in all, vinyl fencing is resistant to virtually any kind o climate or weather conditions, and is fully waterproof and sun proof. If you want a low maintenance option for your fence, vinyl fencing will be a great way to go.